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NPR Building Inspection Director (Mr Shah):

Our Building Inspection Director is a Civil Engineering Professional and Member of Engineers Australia with 20 years of experience in the engineering sector. He has a wide range of experience in building construction, building maintenance, asset management, asset maintenance, asset inspections, property valuation, engineering consultancy. 

NPR Timber Inspection Director (Mr Joshi):

Our Pest Inspection Director is a Science Professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He is fully licenced, registered & licenced in Urban Pest Management and Timber Pest Management. He has a wide range of experience in Termite Inspection Protection, & Eradication, Pest Control, chemical manufacturing, chemical processing. 

Why Choose Us

Our Main Strength and leading edge within the industry is highly professional, qualified & Experienced Civil Engineers with high level of understanding to building defects with focus on high quality standards and attention to micro-level details. Our approach is Simple and Systematic. – We take pride in delivering effective solutions through knowledgeable staff and maintain a friendly attitude and build lifelong relationships with our customers.

Qualified Experts

Our inspection and report by a highly qualified and experienced Civil Engineer and Building Inspector with an understanding of issues related to building defects allows you to make an informed decision for your property.

Flexible Schedule

We work for you to make sure timely delivery of inspections and reports. We accommodate all wants and needs. We schedule inspection ASAP and We aim to deliver Reports within 24 hours or on the same day in urgent cases.

licensed Experts

An experienced and licensed building inspector will have a broad knowledge of Australian Standards in the construction industry, Building Code of Australia, the Building Act, the Building Regulations and various Australian Standards in the construction industry.

Affordable Package

Cheaper is not always the better. Our tailor-made inspection packages provide you detailed inspection reports without cutting corners and huge costs. Our full service package for your investment saves you thousands over time. Ask us how we do it.

Insured Business

It is Essential for you as a buyer or investor to know that the building inspectors are not only qualified and experienced but fully insured and be able to cover any financial loss if ever. Not every building inspector is insured due to restricted insurance in Australia for Building inspectors. So, remember to choose fully insured business.

Detailed Reports

What is important to you is a detailed report covering all defects not only major defects but also the minor ones. Our easy to understand report contains photos and are independent of any third party and above all we help you understand reports through extensive consultation. We work for your best interest.

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A Building inspection also known as a property inspection or house inspection is an inspection performed in accordance with Australian Standards for inspection customised by our qualified building inspectors to make a professional judgements about whether the building contains any defects that may affect the structural integrity, operational ability and/or aesthetic look of the property. It should provide you independent advice and reports that enables you to make an informed decision about your valued investments. It should be able to inform you immediate concerns along with ongoing maintenance requirements in able for you to give you a clear picture for your investment decision.

Inspection reports are a snapshot in time and suitable to person making decision on buying and therefore you should always ensure you refer to current inspection that suits you and  not someone else.

Building inspection are not only carried out at the time of property purchase but also carried out for identify issues to fix before selling, risk management, construction management, dispute resolutions, insurance claims, legislative and regulatory compliance, future planning on renovation, extension and maintenance, property development and much more. Each building and pest inspection is different and as such you should hire our qualified inspectors to suit your needs.

Building Inspections are generally ordered and performed in the process of buying, selling, renovating, developing and maintaining properties. The main purpose of inspection is to get a complete idea about the property. An inspection may also be required in case there are signs of defect or with the structure or services of the property and has developed a defect over time or as a consequence of an incident or activity.

As such NPR Building and Pest Inspection has a broad client group including:

  1. Property buyers and Property Auction Bidders
  2. Property investors
  3. Property sellers
  4. Property Owners
  5. Property managers including body corporates and strata title managers
  6. Building and construction contractors / Supervisors
  7. Property Renovators
  8. Property Developers

A Building inspection done by a qualified and experienced building inspector provides overview of any defects presence within the building. It should give you an indication on various aspects of the defects as below.

  • Defect Type
  • Defect Severity – Minor/Moderate/Major
  • Defect Location
  • Defect Description
  • Defect Consequences
  • Requirement of Further investigations if any
  • How to fix the defects
  • Who can fix the defects

In some types of inspections, it should also give you an indicative cost to fix the defects.

Building inspections are highly valuable in making informed decisions for property investments. It can also help you in identifying not only the burning issues of the day but ongoing concerns, maintenance plans and regimes. If you are buying the property as private sale, it can be your negotiating tool and if you are buying at an auction, it can be an armour for your bids. If you are selling, it can protect your deals. For any other reason, it informs you and equips you with the knowledge about the issues.

Building inspection can be done any time and depends on various situations such as at the time of purchasing property, if you discover a defect developed within your property over the time, at the time construction progress to ensure the property is structured well or you can also order the Building and pest inspection for your insurance purposes.

It is important to understand what is generally included and excluded in a building inspection service.  NPR Building Inspectors will consult with you to understand what type of inspection is suitable for your circumstances depending on:

  • Purpose of your enquiry
  • The location of the property
  • It’s age
  • Your plans for property (Buying, Selling, Principal Place of Residence, Investment, Renovating, Developing, Demolishing)
  • The type and condition of essential utilities like electrical, plumbing and gas
  • Additional features such as pools
  • Any particular concerns you have

After initial consultation, Inspections will be carried out to suit your needs. Some general inspections include:

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspection
  • Termite Inspection
  • Pre-Auction Inspection
  • Sell-Ready Inspection
  • Stage Inspection during Construction
  • Handover Inspection
  • Settlement Inspection
  • Dilapidation Inspection (Before & After)
  • Depreciation Schedule inspection
  • Renovation Inspection
  • Extension Inspection
  • Compliance Inspection
  • Structural Inspection
  • Building Insurance Claim Inspection

The cost of building inspection services vary based on location, property type, age of property and other factors.

Whilst everyone mostly looks for a cheap building inspection its not always the most cost effective option.

NPR Building and Pest Inspection provides the most effective customized quote for our clients which benefits them most and make sure that you get the best outcome of your bucks.

A cheap building inspection and pest Inspection report can be obtained from someone who is not appropriately experienced, qualified independent and insured which results in low quality and unreliable information. You do not have the sufficient grounds to negotiate or make decisions from those inspection and reports. Sometimes critical information is omitted that may cost you thousands later down the track.

When you are making decisions on your lifelong investment, you need highly qualified, experienced, insured and professional team to work for you independently. NPR Building and Pest Inspections always deploys highly qualified and experienced staff, is fully insured and completely independent.

You can often get the discount for combined services which is most cost effective way to get the best service in market at affordable rates. NPR Building and pest inspection offers customized packages which are beneficial on the long run.

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