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Committed to provide home buyers high quality building & pest inspections with professional advice & excellent service.

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Our innovative Building and pest inspection service is guaranteed to give you peace of mind and to provide you with a detailed report of your building defects or pest infestations. We endeavour that you are well informed while making decisions about the property. We are an extremely dedicated company with outstanding customer service and have achieved this by delivering high-quality service in the commercial, industrial and residential environments.

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NPR Building Inspection Director (Mr Shah):

Our Building Inspection Director is a Civil Engineering Professional and Member of Engineers Australia with 20 years of experience in the engineering sector. He has a wide range of experience in building construction, building maintenance, asset management, asset maintenance, asset inspections, property valuation, engineering consultancy and property development. He has worked for Government and Private sector and has a passion for the property industry. He is an acute property investor and developer and has a great passion for property industry and understanding and addressing the needs of property buyers, investors, owners, sellers and builders.

NPR Timber Inspection Director (Mr Joshi):

Our Pest Inspection Director is a Science Professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He is fully licenced, registered & licenced in Urban Pest Management and Timber Pest Management. He has a wide range of experience in Termite Inspection Protection, & Eradication, Pest Control, chemical manufacturing, chemical processing. He has completed thousands of jobs of Pest Control, Termite Inspection & Termite System install. His main focus is to deliver effective pest control solutions at a cost-effective rate with a high level of customer service. 
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Well co-ordinated & detailed Inspection

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Building and Pest Inspection in Melbourne

All our services are carried out by well trained licensed fully qualified professionals. We are insured Registered Building Practitioner & Accredited Pest Inspectors - following Australian Standards for Building & Pest Inspections.


Yes, we agree this is a rare value to be found in business today, so we guarantee to bring it to all our clients. We work in your best interest AT ALL TIMES with  Uncompromising Honesty.


This is our intrinsic value as we strongly believe that with passion comes punctuality & excellence. So even before we started NPR the team members have this in common.  


Candor  influences the culture of asking questions and as building and pest inspectors the more the questions we ask ourselves the detailed the report gets for you.

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